Keri-Rae Barnum, Executive Director of New Shelves Books
Keri-Rae Barnum

Keri-Rae Barnum is the Executive Director of New Shelves Books, one of the largest book sales and marketing content providers in the US. With 15 years of extensive marketing experience, Keri is currently enjoying the ability to pair her lifelong love of books with her sales and promotion skills. She believes in helping authors – both self and traditionally published – take their book marketing and author branding to the next level.

She is a trusted authority in book marketing, speaking to numerous writing and publishing groups each year. Her frequent collaborations include being a featured marketing expert on Apex Authors, as well as a regular contributor on multiple industry blogs.

Her career has been largely focused on working with bookstores and libraries as well as digital and Print On Demand platforms. She loves teaching authors “the ropes” and spends a large portion of her time working on education and sharing her knowledge with the writing and publishing communities. A favorite venue for this is the New Shelves Books advice vlog,

Outside of office hours Keri spends her time wrangling her two children and energetic IrishDoodle puppy with the help of her husband. A military veteran spouse and avid cook, she enjoys traveling as often as possible; but when she can’t hop on a plane, a good book is her favorite escape. Follow Keri on Instagram at @keribarnum for a glimpse into her other life.